Welcome to the home of Tango in Yorkshire since 1999! Here is what's coming up...

Weekly classes and practica in Leeds

Mondays, 7pm-11pm

Our weekly classes resume in January. Join us throughout the month and we'll get you started on your Tango journey. All abilities welcome.

Vals Workshop: The Fundamentals

, Leeds

Join us on Bank Holiday Monday for a very special Vals Workshop at 5pm. Yohann will go through musicality and some interesting steps. This will be followed by our usual Monday Night Tango class and Practi-longa from 7pm to 11pm. Please do try and book for the workshops in advance, so we can try to balance leaders/followers. Booking is not ncesseary for the regular Monday classes. There will be yummy home made cakes to keep you going for the 6 hours!

Bailongo Porteño Milonga

, Leeds

Join us the 3rd Friday of every month at one of the best social clubs in Leeds. Enjoy some of the best tango music arranged in tandas and cortinas, the atmosphere of the candlelit venue, and 4 hours of dancing.

Ladies Technique and Adornos

, Leeds

We have a fabulous day Ladies workshop planned. Save the date!

Private Tuition

Evenings and weekends, Leeds

Private classes are ideal to get extra help, deepen your understanding of core technique, or if you are planning an extra special wedding dance.

For more upcoming activities, visit our Workshops and Events page